Mere weeks away from going a full year without missing an update, and yet…I must regretfully inform you that this is the indefinite end of the comic :/

It seems like just yesterday that the idea for a webcomic about the misadventures of a zany, egotistical necromancer and his stoic comedic foil warlock buddy entered my brain. Originally it was going to be a textless comic with the wizards finding various ways to one-up each other with devious magic and intricate subterfuge, however the narrative bug bit me– and infected me!!! As I started to explore the motivations of my protagonists, I began to write a backstory and just got carried away with making a buddy-wizard comic. The rest, as they say, is history.

It simply isn’t feasible to continue the comic with everything else on my plate right now. The strip’s ultimate purpose has been fulfilled, and although I have absolutely months of story lines left to pixelize for you… but I simply cannot maintain the quality that I want for the strip while pursuing other projects.
“If you try to chase 2 rabbits , both will get away.”

I truly feel I was just starting to get the hang of the whole writing thing and I was finally at a point where I could enjoy exploring and experimenting with the art of the strip, much like Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade has in recent years. I was excited at finally getting to the point where I could really try something new with every strip, be it playing with colour, or a new lighting effect, or spell effect, or experimental speech bubbles. Looking at the first strip, and then at the last it boggles my mind to see where this journey has taken me as a writer, an artist, and most of all– as a person.

To my dedicated readers– thank you for reading every week and thank you for being a part of this story, too– because you were! Each and every one of you!

-The End…???

P.S. If you made it through all that text– there is one more bonus strip set to update this Wednesday ;) And thank you, again!